The more than 190 WHO collaborating centres in 10 Member States in the Western Pacific Region are indispensable partners in advancing WHO’s work. Following the First and Second Fora in in 2014 and 2016, the Third Regional Forum of WHO Collaborating Centres will be held in November 2018. The Forum will be an opportunity to share good practices and strengthen collaboration, reflect on progress and maximize the contribution of WHO collaborating centres towards universal health coverage, protection from health emergencies and healthier populations.

Regional Forum of WHO Collaborating Centres in the Western Pacific

WHO collaborating centres in the Region

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Feature stories

Advancing the Minamata Convention on Mercury

5 JULY 2018, MINAMATA – The National Institute for Minamata Disease (NIMD) in Japan is the only organization in the world that specializes in comprehensive research on mercury. As a WHO Collaborating Centre for Studies on the Health Effects of Mercury Compounds, the centre supports countries in strengthening systems for monitoring health and environmental issues associated with mercury pollution.