Statement of Dr Kidong Park on the occasion of Launching workshop for implementation of the project on strengthening management of hypertension and diabetes at commune health stations and communication on salt intake reductio

Dr Kidong Park
17 July 2018

I am happy to announce that with technical and financial support from the Resolve to Save Lives, today, the Ministry of Health of Viet Nam and WHO launch a project on strengthening management of hypertension and diabetes at commune health stations and communication on salt intake reduction.

Hypertension and diabetes are two important causes of cardio-vascular disease which is the number one killer, responsible for one in every 3 death, in Viet Nam.

We observe large treatment gap of hypertension and diabetes among Vietnamese people. One in two hypertension patients do not know their blood pressure status. Two in three diabetes patients do not know their blood glucose status. Only one in eight hypertension patients and less than two in three diabetes patients are receiving management service at health care facility. An important reason for this large treatment gap is that the service is hardly available at commune health stations.

Excessive consumption of salt is an important risk factor for hypertension and diabetes. Average salt consumption of Vietnamese people is 9.4g, almost double of WHO’s recommendation- less than 5.0g/person/day.

Recognizing the serious consequences of NCDs, the country has made strong commitment to solve the problem. The Party Resolution 20 set ambitious goals that by 2025 up to 95% of commune health stations will manage common non-communicable diseases – hypertension and diabetes and this figure will be increased up to 100% by 2030.

WHO has been supporting Viet Nam in its efforts for reduce burden of NCD for many years. Specifically for cardiovascular disease, together with the Ministry of Health, we developed and piloted a model to manage hypertension and diabetes at commune health station. With the positive result obtained, we provided policy advice to develop the Decision No 2559 issuing Plan to enhance management of hypertension and diabetes applying family principles. We also provided support to develop the National Action Plan for communication and advocacy for salt reduction 2018–2025.

Ladies and gentlemen

The commitment needs to be converted into an action. The Party Resolution should be translated into a law and a national action plan. The National Action Plan should be implemented nationwide. The NCD management model should be replicated and scaled up.

With support from the Resolve to Save Lives, we will support 11 provinces to strengthen capacity of commune health stations in managing hypertension and diabetes as the first batch. Another 10 provinces will be selected to get the support as the second batch. For salt reduction, we will support to develop recommendations on target salt amount in some selected processed food and conduct a national campaign on salt reduction to raise awareness of people.

Our efforts will result in nothing if we cannot get strong support from all individuals and society.

  • The health system should strengthen educating people about prevention and control of hypertension and diabetes, advising the Government and other sectors in developing and implementing public health policies to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Local health authorities should strengthen implementation of the Decision 2559/QD-BYT of the Ministry of Health to make services for hypertension and diabetes management available at CHS.
  • The government at all levels should take lead to coordinate action from all sectors to create enabling environments to support people in pursuing healthy lifestyles and support people with hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

We believe that with strong action from all of us, we can totally combat the CVD and promote health for Viet Nam people.

Thank you!