Joint Collaboration Launched to Tackle Non-communicable Diseases in Viet Nam

One out of every three deaths in Viet Nam are attributed to Cardiovascular disease (CVD), making it the leading cause of death. Hypertension, diabetes and high salt intake are leading risk factors for CVD and the focus of the workshop on Tuesday July 17th where the representatives from the Ministry of Health (MOH), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Resolve to Save Lives initiative as well as other health officials met to work together to address these issues.

Dr Kidong Park giving speech at the workshop

Currently, more than half of hypertension and two thirds of diabetes cases are not identified in Viet Nam and more than two thirds of cases with these conditions are not being managed and treated. In the meantime, Vietnamese are consuming on average of 9.4 grams of salt per day which is nearly double the level recommended by WHO at 5 grams per day.

Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies, will support the partnership between the WHO and MOH to address these nationwide concerns. Together this partnership will support implementing a technical package designed to increase access to hypertension management and treatment services at commune health station level. “The key elements for the success of the hypertension management programme are having a simple treatment protocol and a sufficient supply of essential medicines for hypertension at commune health station level”, emphasized Dr Marc Jaffe, the Senior Vice President of the Resolve to Save Lives Initiative.

The support from Resolve to Save Lives initiative will be used for training, hands-on mentoring from higher levels, monitoring and evaluation. “We will support 11 provinces to strengthen capacity of commune health stations in managing hypertension and diabetes as the first batch. Another 10 provinces will be selected to get the support as the second batch”, explained Dr Kidong Park, WHO Representative in Viet Nam.

As for salt reduction, the support will enable the WHO and MOH to launch a national campaign to raise awareness for salt reduction, aim to reduce salt while cooking and eating as well as in select processed food.

We believe that with strong action from all of us, we can totally combat the CVD and promote health for Viet Nam people

Dr Kidong Park, WHO Representative to Viet Nam

The collaboration and support from Resolve to Save Lives initiative provides an excellent opportunity for the WHO and MOH to actively move forward and build on past efforts to decrease CVD Viet Nam.

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