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Viet Nam and Cambodia Laboratory Staff shine light on importance of regional collaboration

August 2018-The National Institute of Drug Quality Control (NIDQC) in Vietnam hosted a delegation from the Cambodian National Health Products Quality Control Center (NHQC) last week in Ha Noi. The NIDQC has been an accredited laboratory according to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17025 standard since 2001and a WHO pre-qualified Quality Control Laboratory since 2008. It is regarded as a regional center of excellence and has been granted many noble awards for safe guarding the quality of medicines to protect people’s health in the past 60 years, making it an ideal place for the Cambodian NHQC team to learn and advance their own laboratory practices, as they strive towards their own ISO accreditation next year. This visit also incentivized Cambodia’s NHQC to aim for the WHO prequalification as a future goal, by observing the lessons learned from the path Vietnam’s NIDQC took. When comparing NHQC of Cambodia with NIDQC of Viet Nam, the Cambodian laboratory staff learned that Vietnam has more human resource capacities, and better documentation practices and management.

3 in 5 babies not breastfed in the first hour of life

NEW YORK/GENEVA/HANOI, 31 July 2018 - Globally, an estimated 78 million babies – or three in five – are not breastfed within the first hour of life, putting them at higher risk of death and disease and making them less likely to continue breastfeeding, say UNICEF and WHO in a new report. Most of these babies are born in low- and middle-income countries.

The report notes that newborns who breastfeed in the first hour of life are significantly more likely to survive. Even a delay of a few hours after birth could pose life-threatening consequences. Skin-to-skin contact along with suckling at the breast stimulate the mother’s production of breastmilk, including colostrum, also called the baby’s ‘first vaccine’, which is extremely rich in nutrients and antibodies.

WHO calls for strong actions to tackle harmful use of alcohol

Hanoi, 18 July 2018 - Under the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) country office in Viet Nam, the Ministry of Health organizes the Health Partnership Group (HPG) Consultation meeting on the Draft law for prevention and control of alcohol related harms.

The meeting is chaired by Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Tien – Minister of Health; Mme Nguyen Thuy Anh, Chairwoman of the National Assembly Committee for Social Affairs and Dr. Kidong Park, WHO Representative in Viet Nam. Participants in the meeting include representatives from National Assembly Committees, Government office, Minitries/Agencies, Associations, representatives of Development partners such as the UN, bilateral cooperation agencies, embassies and NGOs. The meeting also highly welcomes the letter from Dr. Shin Young-soo, Regional Director of WHO Western Pacific Region calling for strong actions to tackle harmful use of alcohol for healthy Vietnamese people.

E-learning for Health

31 July 2018 | HAI PHONG, VIET NAM - A one-and-a-half day workshop to share and exchange experiences and knowledge on e-teaching and learning development for health was held in Do Son district, Hai Phong on 31 July 2018. The workshop marked the completion of the pilot phase with 28 healthcare subjects available on Hai Phong Medical University website portal, each with audio, video and digital presentations, under two main courses specifically tailored to pre- and in-service training for medical students, doctors, nurses and health practitioners. Electronic lessons cover a variety of topics such as primary coastal healthcare, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), clinical immunology, primary pediatrics and etc.

WHO Representative to Viet Nam

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