About WHO in Viet Nam

The WHO Viet Nam Representative Office is the official representation of the World Health Organization in Viet Nam. The role of the WHO Representative Office is to respond to requests from the host country to support policy-making for sustainable health development, taking a holistic health-system approach. This includes providing guidance, building up local relationships to implement technical cooperation, making standards and agreements, and ensuring that public health measures are coordinated and in place during crises.

Contact details

New Address as of 25 April 2015

World Health Organization Representative Office Viet Nam

304 Kim Ma Street

Ha Noi

Viet Nam

Telephone: +84 (0) 4 38 500 100 / +84 (0) 4 38 501 888 new

Facsimile: +84 (0) 4 37 265 519 / +84 (0) 4 37 265 520 new

E-mail: media.vtn@wpro.who.int

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Visiting WHO in Viet Nam:

All visitors to the Green One UN house and WHO office must register on arrival. They will be issued with a security badge and picked up by their host at the entrance. Please bring a valid photo ID.