Posters: Good health adds life to years

WHO has designed a series of posters challenging current stereotypes older people have to grapple with. They show older people in positive situations. The posters feature a PLAY button as seen on internet videos symbolizing the dynamism and enjoyment that older people can and should have in their lives.


Physical activity in older age is crucial to maintain a healthy body and mind. It also plays an important role in disease prevention. WHO recommends that older men and women include physical activities as part of their daily routines.

With experiences and wisdom gained throughout their long lives, older men and women are of great value to younger generations at the family and societal levels.

By being part of a sports team or community exercise group, older men and women are able to stay physically, mentally, and socially active, which greatly contributes to happiness and overall healthy ageing.

All countries in the Region are experiencing a rapid growth in the numbers of older men and women in their populations. Countries need to prepare today for the vast opportunities as well as challenges that come with an ageing population.

Contrary to common beliefs and negative stereotypes, older men and women often have active and productive lives, forming an important part of the socioeconomic spheres of their families and communities.

Social bonds and interactions between older persons and with younger generations are important at the personal, family and societal levels. These healthy interactions help to prevent dangerous social isolation and depression in older age.

Helmut Wirz discovered a passion for bungee-jumping at the age of 75.


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