Tobacco Free Initiative

Reconvening the Asia Pacific Child and Family Health Alliance for Tobacco Control (CFTC) of the Western Pacific Region

Balanga City, Bataan, Philippines
14-15 September 2015

The Asia Pacific Child and Family Health Alliance for Tobacco Control (CFTC), was launched last September 8, 2012, in Kuching, Malaysia. It is a regional advocacy group tasked to promote enabling behaviours that can protect the health of children and their families. Specifically, the CFTC works to support comprehensive tobacco control policies aimed at preventing exposure to second hand smoke, and promotes the provision of related services to help people quit smoking. The network also aims to provide venues and platforms for the sharing of best practices and support among member countries.

To sustain and promote their goals and objectives, it is important to initiate timely discussions, and continuously mobilize members and partners in the health sector to participate actively and regularly in policy-advocacy activities.

In line with this, the Philippine Ambulatory Paediatric Association (PAPA), in partnership with the Tobacco Free Initiative of the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office, convened a 2-day meeting of current and potential members of the CFTC of the Western Pacific Region. Delegates from Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines and Singapore participated; and representatives from PAPA in the Philippines and from the host city of Balanga attended.

The meeting had 3 main objectives, namely: 1) to reconvene the members of the CFTC and provide a forum where each member can share their best and promising practices and advocacy programs on tobacco control related to families and children in the Western Pacific Region; 2) to collect narrative material and data for a journal article that describes best tobacco control practices within the region aimed at promoting child and family health; and 3) to scale up Brief Advice for Smoking Cessation (BASIC) training among members of PAPA.

The Alliance meeting formally opened in the afternoon of the first day, with welcome remarks and a presentation by host city Mayor Jose Enrique Garcia III on city-level interventions that incorporate tobacco control policies and programmes into an overall strategy for a healthy and progressive city.

Dr Jonathan Klein, Chair of the Technical Advisory Group on Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs), International Pediatric Association, delivered the keynote presentation on NCD interventions, tobacco control and children. This was followed by a round table series of country presentations by the various members of CFTC, including representatives from pediatric associations, and an open forum. The day was capped with dinner and an evening of cultural presentations.

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