Maternal/Child and adolescent health and development


It is said that no issue is more central to global well-being than maternal and peri-natal health. Every individual, every family, and every community at some point is intimately involved with pregnancy and the success of childbirth. Yet every day,1600 women and over 5000 newborns die due to complications that could have been prevented.

The key message is the need to ensure that skilled care is present at every birth within the context of continuum of care. Integrated Management of Pregnancy and Childbirth {IMPACT] will help shape technical support to countries in strategic and systematic ways to improve maternal, peri-natal and newborn health.

Strategic Direction at

During the five year phase [2006-2010] the most important task is to secure Governments commitment politically and financially, on Making Pregnancy Safer, and to ensure Skilled Care at Every Birth within the context of continuum of care.

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