Pacific syndromic surveillance report

Week 4, ending 26th January, 2014

The following syndromes have been flagged:

  • Diarrhoea: Palau, Tokelau, Samoa, Fiji
  • Prolonged fever: Palau, Fiji

Other updates


  • As of 26 January, 2014 there have been 208 suspected dengue cases in Vanuatu. Of the 208 suspected cases, 130 were tested for dengue and 60 (46%) tested RDT positive. Dengue serotype-3 has been isolated. There have been seven hospital admissions.
  • French Polynesia is currently facing a dengue serotype-1 and serotype-3 epidemic. As of 24 January, 2014 the total number of positive cases of dengue reported since February 2013 is 1,609: 245 case in November; 368 cases in December and 119 cases in January.
  • As of January 30, 2014 there have been 38 cases of dengue in New Caledonia since 1 September 2013. There were 8 cases in September; 2 cases in October; 4 cases in November; 10 cases in December and 14 cases in January.
  • As of 23 January 2014, there have been a total of 1422 lab confirmed dengue cases in Fiji since 30 October 2013. Of the 1422 cases; 1203 were from the Central division; 165 from the Western division and 54 from the Northern division. Dengue serotype-3 has been isolated. The Ministry of Health has used almost 75 per cent of its 2014 budget allocated to combat dengue fever outbreak in the country.

Zika virus

  • Victoria, Australia - Five cases have been diagnosed with measles after returning from Bali over the past 5 weeks, prompting warnings for people to be vaccinated before travelling to Indonesia. The five have passed on the disease to a further three people in Victoria.


  • New Caledonia – As of 27 January, 2014 there have been thirty-two confirmed cases of zika virus since 25 November 2013. Of these, three were locally transmitted cases while the other twenty-nine cases were imported from French Polynesia.
  • Since early October, 2013 7,700 suspected cases of zika were reported by health professionals sentinel network in French Polynesia.

Flash flooding

  • Flash flooding currently occurring in Nadi, Fiji has caused closure of roads, schools as the Nadi River has burst its banks and Ba River is close to critical level. Flash flooding in the same areas last year resulted in the nation’s largest leptospirosis outbreak.