Pacific syndromic surveillance report

Week 11, ending 16th March, 2014

The following syndromes have been flagged:

  • Acute fever and rash: Fiji
  • Prolonged fever: Palau, Fiji
  • Influenza like-illness: Northern Marianna Islands

Other updates


  • French Polynesia is currently facing a dengue serotype-1 and serotype-3 epidemic. As of 14 March, 2014 the total number of positive cases of dengue reported since February 2013 is 1,811. The number of cases is decreasing: 146 cases in January, 126 cases in February and 49 cases in March so far. There has been one death
  • As of 19 March, 2014 there have been 122 cases of dengue in New Caledonia since 1 September 2013.There were 24 cases in 2013, 16 cases in January, 58 cases in February and 24 cases in March.
  • Fiji has reported 12 confirmed deaths due to dengue fever and over 11,000 cases. The Fijian government has embarked on a massive health clean-up campaign, lasting four weeks, to combat the outbreak of dengue fever in the country. The Australian Government is donating AUD 750,000 to the Fiji Government to purchase medical supplies and support a public health communications campaign. The People’s Republic of China donated USD 50,000.

Zika virus

  • New Caledonia – As of 18 March, 2014 there have been 276 confirmed cases of zika virus since 25 November 2013. Of these, 244 are locally transmitted cases while the other 32 cases were imported from French Polynesia.
  • Since early October, 2013 8,600 suspected cases of zika were reported by health professionals sentinel network in French Polynesia.
  • Cook Islands reports 197 dengue-like illness cases for week ending 16 Mar 2014. Of the 46 samples sent for testing at the Louis Malardé Institute 35 were positive for Zika virus, bringing the total number of cases to 54. There have been no hospitalisations.


  • Since January, 2014 there have been 34 cases of Leptospirosis in French Polynesia, of which 31 were hospitalised. There have been two deaths in the month of February.