Pacific syndromic surveillance report

Week 2, ending 12 Janurary, 2014

The following syndromes have been flagged:

  • Influenza-like illness: Northern Marianna Islands

Other updates

Zika virus

  • New Caledonia –As of 14 January, 2014 there have been two additional confirmed cases of imported Zika virus bringing the total to twenty-three cases since 25 November 2013.
  • Since early October, 7156 suspected cases of Zika virus were reported by health professionals sentinel network in French Polynesia. Symptoms are mild and self-limiting, with a mean duration of between 3 to 6 days.


  • Vanuatu has reported eleven suspected dengue cases in Port Vila since 5 January, 2014; 8/11 have tested positive (NS1 and/or IgM) by the dengue rapid diagnostic test (RDT). Specimens have been sent to Institute Pasteur in New Caledonia for serotyping and results are pending
  • French Polynesia is currently facing a dengue serotype-1 and -3 epidemic. As of 10 January, 2014 the total number of positive cases of dengue reported since February 2013 is 1,553: including 317 cases in October, 245 case in November, 368 cases in December and 61 cases in January. The overall hospitalization rate is 7.7%. There has been one death.
  • As of 14 January 2014, there have been a total of 904 RDT-positive dengue cases in Fiji since 30 October 2013. Dengue serotype-3 has been isolated. There have been no deaths or severe cases reported. The Fiji Ministry of Health is launching a nationwide anti-dengue clean-up campaign today, January 16, to remove or destroy Aedes mosquito breeding sites.