World Health Day 2014 Fiji action in pictures

10 April 2013 - The theme of World Health Day 2014 was vector-borne diseases: “Small bite – big threat”. In the Pacific, this theme is particularly important because of ongoing outbreaks of dengue, zika and chikungunya. The Pacific celebrated World Health Day 2014 with several events.

This photo story shows some highlights from World Health Day 2014 celebrations in Nausori and Suva in Fiji.

Dr Liu Yunguo, WHO Representative to the South Pacific (right) spoke at the World Health Day launching ceremony jointly organized by Fiji Ministry of Health and WHO, with the theme “Small bite--big threat”.

Dr Neil Sharma, the Minister for Health in Fiji (middle), Dr Liu Yunguo, WHO Representative to the South Pacific (middle) joined community clean up campaign to get rid of mosquito breeding places.

WHO provides public advice to prevent dengue. This year’s World Health Day is a timely reminder for Fijians as they experience a major dengue outbreak since last December.

“Let’s clean up!”--- A woman cleaning up discarded tires and household rubbish. Automobile tires are ideal breeding sites for mosquitoes, which lay their eggs in water lying inside the tire.

Fijians cleans up their yard once a week to get rid of mosquito breeding places in and around their household.

Fijians participated in World Health Day community clean-up campaign. Everyone has a role to play to prevent and control dengue and other vector-borne diseases.

WHO staff discussed vector-borne diseases and prevention and control strategies in the Pacific.