HIV/AIDS Reference Library for Nurses, Volume 6: Integrating HIV- related Contents into a Competency-based Curriculum


WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

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Publication date: 1993
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ISBN: 929061109X
Number of pages: 26



Explains how curricula in schools of nursing can be modified to produce graduates who are competent in the performance of a wide range of tasks related to HIV infection and AIDS. Addressed to nurse educators and managers, the book concentrates on competency-based learning as the best method for training nurses to perform AIDS-related tasks, whether involving the clinical care of patients, the counselling of families, or advice to the general public. Guidelines for the continuing education of practising nurses are also provided. The first and most extensive chapter provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to the planning and modification of curricula to include AIDS-related knowledge and skills. Curriculum development is presented in three stages, moving from a definition of the professional competency needed, through the translation of these professional competency into student competency, to the formulation of an instruction plan. Throughout, examples of specific AIDS-related nursing tasks are used to illustrate the new areas of competency required, the skills and knowledge involved, course level for training, learning methods and resources, and tools for evaluation. The remaining chapters offer practical advice on the planning and organization of workshops, seminars, and other programmes for the continuing education of nurses.