Epilepsy in the Western Pacific Region


WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

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Publication date: 2004
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ISBN: 9290610999
Number of pages: 53



Worldwide epilepsy affects 50 million people directly. The burden of epilepsy in the Western Pacific Region of WHO is as extensive and serious as in any other region of the world. This report is part of a series of similar documents that have been or will be published in all six WHO Regions and will serve as a tool for dialogue with governments, health care providers and other interested parties. It contains information on activities performed under the Global Campaign Against Epilepsy in the Western Pacific Region. The results of a questionnaire on country resources for epilepsy are also included which provide a profile of the epilepsy services and programmes available in the public sector. The information available in this series of epilepsy-related documents will provide a framework for improving services at the individual country level.