Additional information on library services

Conditions for loan of library materials

Staff should not bring out a book or any material from the Library without clearing this with the library staff on duty. Journals, bound or unbound, are only released to Regional Office staff for Overnight Use only. All other materials, with the exception of essential reference books such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, directories, atlases, etc. may be borrowed from the Library on the following terms:

  • WHO Regional Office staff members may borrow publications from the Library for a period of one month and, unless required by another reader, for a further month on request.
  • WHO staff members in the WRs/CLOs offices may borrow publications for two months and for a further month on request.
  • WHO short-term consultants / professionals may borrow publications provided they undergo clearance with the Library at the end of their contract or the Operational Officer of the unit may sign in their behalf. The loan / renewal period is subject to the duration of their contract.
  • WHO fellows enrolled in schools within Metro Manila can borrow publications on interlibrary loan through their school library for two weeks.
  • United Nations staff members in Manila may borrow publications from the Library, on interlibrary loan, for a period of two weeks.
  • Materials may be lent to selected libraries in Manila, on interlibrary loan, for a period not exceeding two weeks. The interlibrary loan of materials to libraries outside Manila may be possible subject to the discretion of the library staff. The lending period shall also be discretionary but in no case shall be less than two weeks.
  • Publications or information materials on loan should be brought to the Library for renewal; however, if there is a valid reason, these could be renewed by telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • If a publication is not returned at the end of a loan period, the library staff sends a recall notice to the staff member concerned. Publications on loan are subject to recall as the need arises. A record of publications on loan is kept in the Library and checked on the first Monday of each calendar month.
  • Current issues of periodicals are circulated to Regional Office staff on request. Staff should not delay their return to the Library.
  • Information materials borrowed from other libraries for the use of WHO staff must be returned on or before their due dates. If such materials are borrowed for seminars, the responsible officer must ensure their safekeeping and return.