Additional information on library services

Library rules

For clarification purposes, professional researchers and postgraduate students are the following:

Professionals Researchers

  • Those who have passed the board/bar/licensure examinations for their professions. Medical and other students who have licenses in other professions are included. A professional card/document is required.
  • Those who are employed in private offices whose assignments involve research. A letter from their agency/office is required.
  • Staff of United Nations and other international organizations. An identification card/document is required.
  • Private individuals, who are not students, who do health/medical research. Permission from the library staff should be requested.

Postgraduate Students

  • Those who are currently enrolled in the masteral/doctoral degree programmes of any college/school/university. A school identification card/document is required.
  • Those who are medical and allied health interns in clinics, hospitals or medical centres. A hospital identification card/document is required.
  • WHO fellows enrolled in colleges/schools/universities. A document/certification from WHO is required.

Elementary, high school and undergraduate students, including medical and other students who have no license in other professions are not allowed to use the library.