Additional information on library services

Library activities

Selection and acquisition of library materials

Technical units submit their recommended titles of publication to the Library. These are compiled and presented to the Library Committee for approval before purchase is initiated. The library staff browse the publishers' catalogues, book reviews and other reference tools and select relevant publications to update the library collection. The selected titles are likewise presented to the Library Committee for approval. For publications received as gifts, the library staff exercise their discretion whether or not these are relevant for acquisition.

Cataloguing/classification of library materials

Library materials considered relevant for inclusion to the collection are systematically organized, in accordance with Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd ed. (AACR2) and the U.S. National Library of Medicine Classification, to ensure efficient information access and retrieval.

Input of bibliographic data of publications into the computerized library catalogue

Descriptive data of the publications are entered into the computerized library catalogue, using WinISIS programme. Records are then converted to text files, exported and uploaded to the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).

Loan of library materials

Regular staff in the Regional Office and in field offices can borrow library materials for one month and two months, respectively, except those marked "For Room Use Only". The latter, however, can be borrowed for overnight use. Short-term staff and consultants can only borrow library materials through the responsible officers of their units. Outside researchers are not allowed to borrow library materials except by arrangement.

Interlibrary loan of materials

Medical/health libraries which have prior informal/formal agreements with the WPRO Library are allowed to borrow materials, on interlibrary loan, for their readers. The latter must request their libraries to borrow, in their behalf, publications available in the WPRO Library collection.

Current awareness services

The WPRO Library strives to keep the staff abreast of new developments and research findings in their fields by providing several updating services which include the routing of current issues of journals to Regional Office staff, providing contents pages of journals to field staff, registering staff upon request for electronic table of contents (eToCs), displaying the recent issues of journals and new books for browsing, routing publishers' catalogues and brochures, and informing staff of journal titles accessible online.

Literature search services

Manual and online literature searches using the available indices, CD-ROM databases and the Internet are undertaken by the Library upon request from the staff and other researchers, the latter on a case to case basis. The library staff can be requested to assist researchers in conducting online searches.

Reference services

Requests for information can be forwarded to the WPRO Library by mail, telephone, facsimile and electronic mail if a personal visit is not possible. The library staff shall strive to get the required information from the available on-site resources and/or from outside sources, if necessary.

Bibliographic services

Requests for a bibliographic list of materials, the verification of bibliographic citations, citation formats and others can be sent to the Library for appropriate action.

Photocopy services

Requests for photocopies from staff, in connection with their functions, are accommodated by the Library, utilizing the available resources and/or outsourcing the photocopies. Photocopies for personal use must be paid by the staff at the cost of P1.00 per sheet. Researchers from outside are allowed to photocopy library materials inside the Library, subject to copyright restrictions, and print the results of their online searches at P3.00 per sheet, using the black and white printer, until 3:00 p.m. only.