Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases Progress Report 2013

Securing Regional Health


WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

Publication details

Number of pages: 86
Publication date: 2013
Languages: English


This report looks at the progress that countries and WHO have made since the formulation of APSED (2010), in particular in the reporting year July 2012 to June 2013. Each APSED focus area, as well as the issue of gender mainstreaming, is discussed, beginning with a description of the area, followed by an overview of progress, activities at the regional level and in countries, challenges and next steps.

This report provides an overview of progress and activities carried out under the auspices of APSED. It is important to note that it is not meant to be comprehensive and that countries may have engaged in further activities not noted herein. Lastly, we acknowledge that APSED is a broad strategy and other programmes are working towards similar goals, often in partnership with APSED. Where relevant, we have noted the progress led by other partners.