Women and Health in the Western Pacific Region: Remaining Challenges and New Opportunities


WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

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Publication date: 2011
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ISBN: 9789290615262
Number of pages: 38



Recent decades have witnessed growing international commitment to women's health. Protecting and promoting the health of women is crucial to health and development, not only for citizens of today but also for those of future generations.

The Western Pacific Region has achieved considerable improvements in women's health. However, despite the overall progress, a significant unfinished agenda remains. Millions of women in the Region face a variety of avoidable health challenges throughout their lives. Clearly, societies and health systems are failing to protect women's health and well-being.

This publication, Women and Health in the Western Pacific Region: an overview aims to provide decision-makers, programme managers and other interested parties with a brief overview about key issues faced by women in all stages of their lives and the strategic directions to address them. It also illustrates the interplay of biological and social determinants of women's health and how gender inequality increases exposure and vulnerability to risk, limits access to health care and information and influences health outcomes. It highlights how health systems can improve women's health and women's contributions to the health of societies.

A full report on women and health in the Western Pacific Region, entitled Women and health in the Western Pacific Region: remaining challenges and new opportunities, has also been published, as a follow-up to the recommendations presented during the 61st Regional Committee of the Western Pacific Region in October 2010. It is hoped that the two publications can stimulate policy and programmatic dialogues at country and subnational levels for action that will lead to real improvements in the health and lives of girls and women in the Region.