Orientation on Harm Reduction - Training Course: Trainer Manual


WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

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Publication date: 2007
Price: US $ 12
ISBN: 9789290613077
Number of pages: 136



This training package has been produced for audiences unfamiliar with harm reduction for injecting drug users. It provides an introduction to important concepts in HIV prevention for injecting drug users. The package contains five modules that can be delivered separately or in one session.

(1) Introduction to drugs, HIV and harm reduction(2) Outreach to injecting drug users(3) Drug-dependency treatment(4) Needle and syringe programmes(5) HIV prevention in prisons and closed settings

The delivery of this training package should include opportunities for discussion and reflection of the information provided. Activities to facilitate this process have been included. At the end of each module, participants should be asked if they have any questions before moving on.

There are two versions of this training manual. Participant Manual - Version A takes approximately three hours to deliver, while Participant Manual - Version B takes around one hour. To conduct the training, PowerPoint slides will also be needed. To download, just click on the preferred version below.

Participant Manual - Version AParticipant Manual - Version B