Strategy on health care financing for countries of the Western Pacific and South-East Asia Regions (2006-2010)


WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

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Publication date: 2005
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The Strategy on Health Care Financing for Countries of the Western Pacific and South-East Asia Regions (2006–2010) is intended to translate this important policy direction into regional, national and subnational actions. The strategy aims to provide operational and practical guidance to Member States in improving overall health care financing policy development to achieve adequate, stable and effective health financing that provides equitable access to health services of assured quality.

The strategy is closely linked with broader health system and sector development issues. The WHO functional framework for health system financing is used to address health care financing issues and challenges together with international health and development goals. The strategy reflects the main findings and recommendations from international, regional and country-specific experiences, available evidence, regional and biregional meetings and consultations on health care financing. Table of contents Acronyms Executive Summary Background Strategy for Health Care Financing Implementation of Health Care Financing Strategy Glossary of Technical Terms