Health service planning and policy-making: a toolkit for nurses and midwives


WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

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Publication date: 2005
Price: US $ 15
ISBN: 9290611863
Number of pages: 228



The purpose of this toolkit, consisting of 7 booklets, is to provide nurses and midwives with tools to effectively participate in and influence health care planning and policy-making. This tool-kit has been designed for use by any nurse or midwife who has an interest in advocating for change in their work environment. This includes chief nurses and midwives who are in a position to impact policy decision-making at a country level, as well as clinical nurses and midwives advocating for community development or other programmes at the operational level.

The toolkit extracts the core strategic planning and advocacy skills essential in addressing nursing, midwifery and health system issues and in implementing policy decision-making processes. The tool-kit has six core technical modules in addition to the Introductory Module. Module 1 on Problem Identification provides a conceptual overview of the process of identifying, describing, analysing and prioritizing problems. Module 2 focuses on how to do Stakeholder Analysis. Modules 3, 4 and 5 each focus on particular policy-making and advocacy methods and strategies--Understanding the Contextual Environment, Understanding the Policy, Political and Decision-Making Processes, and Managing Communication and the Change Process, respectively. Module 6 examines how all these methods and strategies are used in Monitoring and Evaluating the Project. Each module in the tool-kit has objectives and reference lists and provides definitions, examples, exercises and accompanying guiding exercise sheets. Additional supportive materials are provided in Information and Skills Sheets.

The set includes: