People at the center of health care: harmonizing mind and body, people and systems


WHO South-East Asia and Western Pacific Bi-regional Publication

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Publication date: 2007
Price: US $ 17
ISBN: 13 9789290613169
Number of pages: 88



This book calls for a bold transformation of health care and health systems in the 21st century.

Quality of care has become an increasingly important issue for the World Health Organization’s South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions, and a policy framework for people-centred health care was endorsed by Member States in September 2007.

Specific policy reforms and interventions necessary to transform health care to a more holistic, people-centred approach will need to be determined by leaders and policy-makers at local and national levels in consultation with their constituencies and all interested stakeholders. This book, which is designed to bring members of the public into that debate, is a necessary first step in encouraging dialogue.