The Integration of Harm Reduction Into Abstinence-Based Therapeutic Communities: A Case Study of We Help Ourselves, Australia


WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

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Publication date: 2006
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ISBN: 9290612207
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Harm reduction is itself a comprehensive package of information, education, and access to the means of prevention and to an expanded range of drug dependence treatment options. This package works best if outreach is a key method of service delivery and if a supportive legislative and regulatory environment exists. The Harm Reduction: Good Practice in Asia series aims to document examples, to illustrate what is already being done, to recognize the work of many people, and to share these experiences with others who are trying to do the same work in their own unique social, cultural, and national contexts.This particular case study looks at how one therapeutic community has come to terms with HIV and its implications for drug-dependent people working towards a drug-free lifestyle. In doing so, the case study addresses the accusation that there is a dichotomy between abstinence and harm reduction. No such dichotomy exists, as this case study shows.