WHO Philippines rolls out Health at the Heart of Healing campaign

The World Health Organization Philippines Office launches today its “Health at the Heart of Healing” advocacy campaign on social media and other avenues.

The campaign aims to draw attention to, and generate support for, the numerous health issues that are still affecting communities as a result of super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that ploughed through several Visayas provinces last November.

WHO Representative in the Philippines Dr Julie Hall noted that while numerous individuals, agencies, and governments are participating in efforts to heal these storm ravaged communities in various ways, looking after their health should be of foremost concern.

“In the process of helping these people get their lives back together, we should always put health at the heart of healing,” Dr Hall continued.

Flashing a “heartie” hand gesture, the WHO Representative urged Filipinos and people all over the world to express their solidarity and support for the healing efforts of typhoon Yolanda survivors, particularly in the initiatives to build health infrastructure and healthcare systems in these areas better than they ever have been.

WHO encourages others to show that they care for these affected families by doing “selfies” of themselves flashing the “heartie” hand gesture, and posting these photos on their social media status, along with a statement of how they can place Health at the Heart of Healing for people in the Yolanda corridor.

“Everybody can show that they care for these families in whichever way they are able, whether by lending material or financial support, or simply by participating in this worthy advocacy,” Dr Hall added.