2009 GATS survey in the Philippines

Economics: Among manufactured cigarette smokers, 96.2% bought their last cigarettes in a store and 90.6% reported that they noticed health warnings on the packages. Average cigarette expenditure per month among manufactured cigarette smokers was Php326.40. Annually, an estimated 1-2% of GDP is spent on health and economic costs due to tobacco-related death, disease and lost productivity.

Media: Overall, 80.0% of smokers noticed anti-cigarette advertisements, mostly at health care facilities (47.2%), on TV (59.7%), radio (38.6%), in newspapers and magazines (30.9%), on billboards (25.9%), and in malls (23.6%). Overall, 71.2% noticed pro-cigarette advertising, mostly in stores (53.7%), on posters, leaflets, or calendars (31.7%), or on TV (24.3%). Overall, 29.1% noticed pro-cigarette promotions, 18.3% noticed clothing with a brand name or logo on it; and 2.8% noticed pro-cigarette sponsorship.

Knowledge, attitude, and perceptions: Overall, 94.0% believe that smoking causes serious illness. However, the belief that smoking causes specific illness varies: stroke (75.5%), heart attack (81.3%), and lung cancer (95.6%).