Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases (APSED)


The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) as the EID National Reference Laboratory, with WHO support, improved its capacity to perform examinations on bacteriology in tertiary DOH retained hospitals. A laboratory network framework was also established. Guidelines for the collection, transport and storage of specimens were also developed.

DOH established five (5) Sub National Reference Laboratories in five (5) H1N1 hospitals and possible expansion of diagnostic services to dengue and other pathogens of outbreak potential. The hospitals are Lung Center of the Philippines, Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, San Lazaro Hospital, Baguio General Hospital, and Davao Medical Center.

Five (5) RITM and DOH staff were trained on dengue in AFRIMS, Thailand, supported by WHO.

The National Center for Health Facility Development of DOH developed the National Laboratory Network Framework with the assistance of WHO consultant. An administrative order is in process, to make this framework an official guide for an effective and sustainable national health laboratory network providing quality laboratory services.

The DOH developed several manual on standards and quality management, as well as the Philippine plan for laboratory upgrading and strengthening (2010-2015)