Unang Yakap Instructional Design Integrated to the Medical Curriculum

Revising the EINC instructional package

The APMC took the lead in integrating EINC in the curriculum. It conducted a Manila workshop on February 2011, and came up with an updated, revised instructional design.

Implementing the EINC instructional package

Thirteen medical schools implemented the EINC instructional design in academic year 2011-2012. The remaining 25 schools pledged to implement it this 2012. The APMC, the umbrella organization of medical schools, is committed to the EINC Project.

Establishing a Monitoring and Evaluation Scheme

The schools developed their monitoring and evaluation schemes, to assess how well the curriculum is being implemented.

2012 Formative Evaluation of the EINC instructional package

The WHO commissioned a formative evaluation in 2012. The survey seeks to understand and document the processes of integrating the EINC into the medical curriculum. The findings were presented at the APMC Annual Convention in Cebu City on February 2012.