Injury and violence


In the Philippines, drowning is also a leading cause of child injury death. In 2003, death rate was 17 children/100 000 population among one to four year olds. Among 10 to 14 year old, it was 10 children per 100 000 people (Philippine National Injury Survey, 2003).

WHO is working with local communities in piloting strategies for drowning prevention. Experiences globally have identified some effective interventions.

These effective interventions include: Removing (or covering) water hazards; Requiring isolation fencing (4-sided) around swimming pools; Wearing personal flotation devices; and Ensuring immediate resuscitation. Promising interventions include: Ensuring the presence of lifeguards at swimming areas; and Conducting targeted awareness-raising on drowning.

  • removing or covering water hazards;
  • requiring 4-sided isolation fencing around swimming pools;
  • wearing personal flotation devices; and
  • ensuring immediate resuscitation.

Likewise, promising interventions to prevent drowning were identified. These include:

  • ensuring the presence of lifeguards in swimming areas; and
  • conducting targeted awareness-raising on drowning.