Catch-up measles immunization

High risk approach: Cavite

Following the above steps, health workers identified 31% (235/ 769) of the barangays in 24 municipalities in Cavite as high risk for measles outbreak. A total of _____________under-five children in these barangays were identified of which ________ were found to have less than 2 doses of measles vaccination. The catch-up measles vaccination in Cavite was concluded on ______ 2012. This resulted to the vaccination of ___% of the target number of under-five children with at least 2 doses of measles vaccine.

By the end of September 2012, the number of confirmed measles cases was down to ________ from _________ cases reported from January to June 2012.

In resource-limited setting, the high risk approach proved to be an effective alternative to a more costly national immunization campaign to rapidly stop remaining measles transmission and prr4rapidly stop remaining measles transmission and preventing outbreaks in susceptible communities. The DOH is expected to promote the high risk approach in other provinces and cities where measles cases and/or outbreaks are occurring to avert further spread of the infection.

Likewise, increasing public and community awareness to actively report suspected measles cases to health authorities and encouraging caregivers and parents to complete their children’s immunization are critical to accelerate and sustain the achievement of the goal of measles elimination in the Philippines.


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