Water Safety Plan Enables Emergency Response to Floods in Northern Luzon

Water Safety Plan in Action

Thankfully, the MTWD underwent the Water Safety Plan (WSP) development process in April 2011. Hence, the MTWD responded promptly to the emergency situation.

As provided in the MTWD Water Safety Plan, the following actions were put in place:

  • Annafunan Pump Station temporarily ceased operations – gate valves were closed, and check valves in place to prevent back flow from other pump stations
  • Parabba 2 Pump Station also temporarily shut down – the strong current of flood waters scoured the foundation of the pump station and exposed portion of its transmission pipelines
  • The well at Annafunan Pump Station was disinfected, after the flood water subsided – this lasted for 24 hours
  • The Water Quality Officers tested safe the water from the disinfected well - the pumping station resumed operations
  • The exposed transmission pipelines were checked, and no apparent leakages observed – the Parabba Pump Station resumed operations
Exposed transmission pipe in Parabba Pump Station, Tuguegarao City
Exposed transmission pipe in Parabba Pump Station due to floods, Tuguegarao City

The water safety plan enabled the MTWD to respond promptly when the floodwaters came rushing in.

Shared by Ms. Ninia Lumauan, MTWD Acting General Manager. The Metropolitan Tuguegarao Water District (MTWD) is one of the project sites of WHO.