Worst birthday ever

Why...? I was diagnosed with Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in spite of my almost two years of medication for TB.

My world, my dreams and my aspirations were all shattered. I wanted to give up! I wanted to die! Worst, I lost My job and it’s as if I was robbed of my right to be happy. I thought of questioning and blaming the Almighty ,why me? In fact, I never had any vice! I never tasted any alcoholic drink and I never smoked. I was a good daughter...I studied well, obeyed my parents...so, why of all people.... me?

Overshadowed with fear and hopelessness, I consulted few doctors until I was referred by the fourth physician to Kabalikat sa Kalusugan (KASAKA) in Quezon City. According to him, there is cure for MDR-TB. So, I went through their screening and enrollment process. The physician who saw me said that I needed immediate medical attention, or else I may die if I won’t medicate. I was enrolled to their treatment program immediately. The doctor also explained very well what to expect during the course of my treatment, before letting me sign the contract.

My mother attended to my needs. She obtained all the requirements needed and submitted it to KASAKA. She also rented an apartment in Manila so that I may start with my treatment.

On August 31st of the same year, my treatment started. I had to submit my sputum specimen every month for monitoring purposes and to know whether the medicines are working well and if my condition is improving or not. I had to go through series of tests every six months. I had to go through chest x-ray and blood testing since most of the medicines I took are all harmful to the liver and the kidney.

The treatment was very difficult for me because I experienced many side effects, add the everyday pain of injection I had for six months. My mom never gave up on me, supporting my everyday battle as well as the clinic staff who encouraged me every day not to give up. I also experienced extreme sadness because I was all alone in the apartment. Eventually, I was then accompanied by my cousin but I still had a hard time coping because I missed my family. I cried and cried every night!

Then, when I had enough strength, my parents decided to bring me home at last. I started feeling better. I started regaining my strength until I was able to travel all by myself to KASAKA for my everyday dose of medicines.

Today, here I am, healthy, happy, with new dreams and aspirations. Most of all, I am very faithful that everything happens in the right time...that I will complete my treatment and be cured at the right time. I am grateful to our creator. I am thankful to KASAKA for their support and encouragements. I am lucky and thankful most especially, for being blessed with a very supportive family. I would not know where I would be now without their love and support... which I think is the most important ingredient for my being cured. With them, I was able to find and rebuild my shattered dreams, for helping me get back to my feet and regain my zest for life. With intense hope and positive outlook, I know I will be able to reach all my aspirations and live a fulfilling and wonderful life.