DetecTB project in Palawan

Web-Based Chest X-Ray Reading

With the combination of digital technology and advance telecommunications system, the Korean Institute of TB (KIT) has developed a system of diagnosing TB which is fast, accurate and cost-effective. Digital chest X-Ray images from different health institutions are sent to a centralized reading facility of KIT through the internet. Experienced and competitive radiologists perform the reading and results are released immediately and sent back to the requesting institutions within minutes.

This system does not only lessen turn-around time for diagnosis, compared to the film-based radiology, but also do away with expenses associated with the film-based technology. These expenses include cost of transporting the films, if they need to be sent to a radiologist, payment of salaries of personnel doing the chest x-ray reading, and use of fewer personnel, since centralization will only require few experts for the reading, and the expenses in the development of the film-based Chest X-Ray.