Rabies in the Phillippines

Rabies free Visayas project

In 2009, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through WHO, provided support to three countries, Philippines included, in its program for rabies-free communities. Called "Rabies-free Visayas Islands Project", its goal is to declare the Visayas Region rabies-free zones at the end of project implementation. The project is jointly implemented by the Department of Health (DOH), as lead proponent, the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the local government units (LGUs). The main strategy is prevention of human rabies trhoguh the control and elimination of canine rabies

Activities include mass dog vaccinations, consultative meetings and planning workshops, advocacy meetings with LGUs, strengthening of rabies diagnostic laboratories, providing additional vaccines for post-exposure prophylaxis of animal bite patients, as well as promoting responsible pet ownership and surveillance.