HIV-positive Country Profile, 1984- June 2012

How many of the HIV-positives become AIDS cases?

One thousand sixty one of the total HIV-positives become AIDS cases. Of this, 75 percent are males. The 33% of the cases (352 people) have died already. The average age is 35 years old, inflicting 1 to 81 year old individuals.

Sexual contact is the most common path for 995 individuals (94% of the cases) who have AIDS. Almost half (488) of sexual transmission was through heterosexual contact, followed by homosexual contact (370) and bisexual contact (137).

The rest of the cases acquired AIDS through mother-to-child transmission (20), blood transfusion (10), injecting drug use (6), and needle prick injuries (2). Twenty-eight (3 percent) of the AIDS cases did not report how they contracted AIDS.