New born health

WHO Papua New Guinea

Each year, almost 3 million babies die in the world before they reach the age of one month, and 3 million more are stillborn, mostly in developing countries and often in the absence of skilled care. Many of these deaths occur in babies born too early and too small, babies with infection, or babies with asphyxia or birth trauma. The majority of all neonatal deaths (75%) occur during the first week of life, and between 25% to 45% occur within the first 24 hours.

Up to two thirds of newborn deaths could be prevented if skilled health workers perform effective health measures at birth and during the first week of life. Skilled health care during pregnancy, childbirth and in the immediate postnatal period prevents complications for mother and newborn, and allows for early detection and management of problems. Provision of essential newborn care, home visits by a skilled health worker during a baby's first week of life, and access to care for complications, are key strategies to improve newborn survival and health.