WHO Country Cooperation Strategy for Mongolia 2010-2015

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Number of pages: 37
Publication date: 2010
Languages: English


This Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS) defines the broad framework for WHO’s work with the Government of Mongolia over the period 2010-2015. It articulates a coherent vision and priorities for WHO to support the Government in promoting health of the population and address the needs to strengthen the health system that can ensure universal access to essential health services by all sectors of the population, especially those living in the rural and remote areas.

WHO and Ministry of Health of Mongolia jointly developed this CCS. The process of CCS development is based on a systematic assessment of Mongolia’s development challenges and health needs; the Government of Mongolia’s policies and expectations; and existing projects and programmes of other development partners. The process includes consultation with all levels of WHO, Ministry of Health, other relevant government organizations, UN agencies, multilateral and bilateral partners and NGOs.