Raising awareness about depression and combatting stigmatization on World Health Day

Raising awareness about depression, fighting social stigmatization associated with depression, and fund-raising for Mongolia’s first suicide hotline were main themes of the "Depression: Let’s talk" event organized in Ulaanbaatar by WHO Mongolia, National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH) and National Public Health Centre. WHO Mongolia presented an exhibit related to the themes of depression, mental health and the leaving no one behind principle, along with a gallery of WHO posters with practical recommendations related to depression. The public awareness campaign on mental health has been ongoing since 10 October, WHO Mental Health Day and will continue being conducted by Mongolia’s Ministry of Health and its agencies for the entire year with WHO support. Among the variety of ways information on mental health and depression was disseminated the campaign not only used the mass media, but also organized lectures and trainings for family health care practitioners as well as medical and social workers in secondary schools.