Top health sector managers are encouraged to work with responsibility and initiative

An Annual Conference of Health Managers entitled “The Year of Public Health Promotion-2017” was organised in Ulaanbaatar on 21 and 22 February. The Departments of Health directors from all aimags and districts of Ulaanbaatar, heads of specialised hospitals and centres, and the heads of the Regional Diagnostic and Treatment Centres have discussed the sector’s performance in 2016 and goals and plans for 2017. The Ministry of Health Department Directors informed the participants about new regulations, rules and Ministerial orders to be implemented in the health sector this year following the adoption of the State Policy on Health, 2017-2026, in January this year. At the closing ceremony of the two-days Conference the Minister of Health, Dr Tsogtsetseg Ayush said: “We need to get rid of being accustomed to situations in the health sector that need immediate improvement. We will work together on implementation of the state policies and decisions. The telephones of the Minister, the Vice Minister and the State Secretary are open to you for 24 hours”. She further called upon every manager in the health sector to work with responsibility, initiative and ethics and welcome change and reform in their work and to use information technologies and to utilise each and every opportunity, especially in this time of economic downturn the country is facing. WHO Representative in Mongolia, Dr Soe Nyunt U, addressed the directors of aimag and district Departments of Health, saying: “By issuing its Sustainable Development Vision-2030, the State Policy on Health (SPH) and the Law on Development Policy and Planning, Mongolia has set up a favourable legislative environment for delivering universal health coverage. Now I wish all of you a success in developing the aimag and district mid-term sub-programmes on implementation of the SPH reflecting the “leaving no one behind” principle.”