Our work

Our mission and our goals

The World Health Organization Country Office in Mongolia works closely with the Ministry of Health, other sectors of the Government, international partners and non-governmental organizations to improve the health and wellbeing of the Mongolian people, especially those who are poor and vulnerable and live in rural and remote areas. Our main focus is on public health and our goal is to improve the life expectancy and quality of life of the people by preventing diseases, promoting health, treating those who are sick and rehabilitating those who are disabled.

Our leadership

We provide leadership on matters critical to health such as during health emergencies and pandemics; engage with partners where joint action is needed; disseminate vital health information and knowledge; set norms and standards on public health; provide expert technical support in wide areas in the field of health; and assess and monitor health situation and trends. Our organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations System and is non-political and adheres to the principles of human rights, gender equity and non-discrimination. The WHO Country Representative is the head of the Country Office and directs country operations.

Our commitment

We have been working in Mongolia since 1962 and our work has greatly contributed towards reducing the high burden of childhood deaths, maternal deaths and deaths due to several communicable diseases such as diarrhoea, respiratory diseases and tuberculosis. These diseases have been major causes of misery and suffering among the Mongolian people over past decades. We commit to work closely with the Government of Mongolia, especially with the Ministry of Health, and all national, international and non-governmental organizations, towards reaching the goal for health of all Mongolian population through achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and beyond.

Our work

Our strategic objectives are defined in the WHO Country Cooperation Strategy for 2010-2015, which has been developed with the active and close participation of the Ministry of Health, other sectors of Government and our international and national partners. The strategy was approved and endorsed at the World Health Assembly in 2010 by the WHO Director General and the Regional Director of Western Pacific Region Office (WPRO) and the Minister of Health Mongolia.

Our focus will be on five priority areas, namely:

  • Health systems strengthening through primary health care;
  • Scaling up prevention and control of noncommunicable disease injuries, violence and their determinants;
  • Sustaining and accelerating the achievement of health-related MDG targets;
  • Strengthening health security, including control of communicable and vaccine-preventable diseases;
  • Strengthening environmental health programmes