WHO calls for research and development proposals for medicines, diagnostics and health technologies

News release


The World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for the Western Pacific calls on parties within the Region to present innovative research and development (R&D) projects for medicines, diagnostics and other health technologies. The deadline for submission is 1 November 2013. Early submissions are encouraged.

The objective of this call is to bring together innovative proposals that coordinate and finance the development of medicines and other health technologies for diseases/conditions that disproportionately affect developing countries in the Western Pacific Region.

Aside from Member States, the call for proposals is also open to networks and partnerships, academic and research centres, the private sector, nongovernmental public health organizations and researchers.

This call for R&D proposals is part of a global initiative involving the six regions of WHO. It will culminate in the selection of a limited number of “demonstration projects” during a global selection meeting planned for 3–5 December 2013. The shortlisted proposals at the global level will be presented during the World Health Assembly in 2014.

In May 2013, the 66th World Health Assembly adopted a resolution urging WHO and its regional offices and Member States to identify R&D gaps related to the discovery, development and delivery of medical products and technologies for diseases that affect disadvantaged populations. The resolution further establishes that few demonstration projects should be identified that show feasibility of innovative financing and coordination mechanisms to promote development of drugs, diagnostic tools or other health technologies.

These types of projects may include diagnostic tools for neglected and infectious diseases, and antibiotics and other anti-infective agents, among others.

The Call for Proposals for R&D Demonstration Projects contains all the documentation and additional information. Projects should be presented in English. Interested parties can send their proposals directly to CEWGDemoProjects@wpro.who.int. The proposal template must be used to submit R&D demonstration projects.

Documents for the project presentation

  • Standard Template for a Candidate Demonstration Project
  • Description of the Call

For further information, please contact

Dr Manju Rani
Senior Technical Officer, Health Research Policy
Telephone: +632 5289048
E-mail: ranim@wpro.who.int

Mr Ruel E. Serrano
Assistant, Public Information Office
Telephone: +632 5288001
E-mail: serranor@wpro.who.int