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The World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for the Western Pacific now makes valuable health information easily accessible with the launch of the Health Information and Intelligence Platform (HIIP). HIIP is a cross-cutting regional initiative spanning all health programmes that gives policy-makers, researchers, donors, health officials and the public access to analytical tools and an interactive database containing all WHO regional and global health-related indicators.

"WHO encourages countries to treat health information as a national asset, use evidence to drive decisions and strengthen research capacity," says Dr Shin Young-soo, Regional Director for the Western Pacific. "A reliable health information system forms a solid basis for monitoring progress and decision-making. Moreover, better access to timely, complete and accurate evidence on health systems leads to better policy work and more effective health interventions."

HIIP bridges the gap between country-level health information systems and the WHO Global Health Observatory. It focuses on supporting countries to enhance their own health information systems and improve nationally-reported health statistics through collaboration.

Using four tools — data and analytics, country profiles, health themes, and reports and publications — HIIP helps countries improve data quality, data analysis and utilization and apply decision-making support. Moreover, HIIP encourages easier knowledge transfer, data visualization and multi-source comparability while promoting harmonization and standardization of health indicators used within the Western Pacific Region.

Data and analytics

With this tool, HIIP lets users look at historical changes of health-related indicators in all Western Pacific countries and areas including data exploration, analysis, visualization and generation of analytical and information products.

Users can also tabulate data from multiple sources on a range of health indicators, using what they need for multiple countries and time periods. HIIP provides all elements of the metadata based on the WHO Indicator and Measurement Registry and allows users to adopt data standards and harmonize indicators.

Country profiles

Country-level data for all countries and areas of the Western Pacific Region can easily be obtained using HIIP's country health information profiles. Through interactive and dynamic dashboards, users can then view comprehensive information on country health status and specific health topics.

Health themes

Through this tool, public health experts can develop strategic health themes, such as progress towards Millennium Development Goals, monitoring health systems performance, tobacco control or targeting maternal and child health outcomes. More health themes are currently being developed. HIIP gives users access to indicators by theme and allows them to explore trends on health priorities across countries.

Reports and publications

Users also have easy, one-stop access to statistical and analytical reports produced by HIIP and technical programmes of the Regional Office for the Western Pacific.

With HIIP, health information will now be much easier to use and share.

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