Governments vow to step up fight against lifestyle diseases

News release

MANILA, 25 March 2011—In response to the rising tide of lifestyle-related diseases, a dozen World Health Organization (WHO) Member States have endorsed the Seoul Declaration on Noncommunicable Disease Prevention and Control in the Western Pacific Region.

The declaration calls on all Member States to sustain political support for efforts to combat the most common noncommunicable diseases—cancers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory conditions and diabetes—which together are responsible for four out of every five deaths in the Western Pacific.

The document, which was endorsed on the final day of a Regional High-level Meeting in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on Scaling up Multisectoral Action on Noncommunicable Disease Prevention and Control, also calls on WHO Member States to work to reduce the four major risk factors that contribute to noncommunicable diseases: tobacco use; diets high in fats, salt and sugar; the harmful use of alcohol; and physical inactivity.