Action against dengue: D-fight



Dengue prevention and control entails action from all.


WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

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Publication date: 15 June 2012
Languages: English


Dengue is one of the fastest growing infectious diseases and remains a serious public health problem in Asia. The World Health Organization estimates there are 50-100 million dengue infections worldwide every year. Among the 37 countries and areas of the WHO Western Pacific Region, 31 countries have reported dengue cases in the last two decades.

This video calls on all sectors to work together as one community to fight dengue. It highlights that dengue cannot be defeated by the health sector alone.

The video centres on four key messages: 1) United fight against dengue; 2) shift from reactive to proactive approaches; 3) strengthen capacity in an efficient and sustainable way; and 4) call for action from all. It calls on governments to: increase resources; enhance capacities; and work with partners.