March 2012

Progress towards targets

  • Globally, the percentage of people successfully treated reached its highest level at 87% in 2009. Since 1995, 46 million people have been successfully treated and up to 6.8 million lives saved through DOTS and the Stop TB Strategy.
  • It is estimated that the global TB incidence rate peaked in 2004. The world as a whole is on track to achieve the MDG target of reversing the incidence of TB.
  • Incidence rates are falling in all six of WHO’s regions. The incidence rate has been declining in the Western Pacific Region since 1990.
  • The TB death rate has fallen by 40% since 1990, and the number of deaths is also declining.
  • Five of WHO regions are on track to achieve the 50% mortality and prevalence reduction target, except for the Africa region (although rates of mortality are falling).


  • Worldwide, the share of domestic funding for TB provided by affected countries rose to 86%. But most low income countries still rely on external funding, with the Global Fund the largest external donor. The Global Fund provids 82% of international TB funding for 2012.
  • Countries report a US$1 billion TB funding gap for 2012 with donor funding at $600 million. There is a US$200 million funding gap for MDR-TB in 2012.