Removing financial barriers to accessing health services

At Sanamxay District Hospital, a family arrived on their tok-tok to seek treatment for Mr Khamxay, 68 years old, who has been experiencing prostatitis characterized by urinary problem for a month. His sister Mrs Phet, 49 years old had suspected appendicitis which had prompted the family to seek immediate medical care.

Mr Khamxay and Mrs Phet lives about 20 kilometres from the Sanamxay District Hospital

Mr Khamxay explaining about the prostate pain and urinary problem which has lasted for a month, many patients manage with the discomfort as they worry about costs of health care

Mrs Phet had her blood pressure taken by the nurse

Dr Khamsiay Sisavath who examined both patients preparing the documents to refer them to the Attapeu Provincial Hospital

Mr Khamxay has brought his family book which shows that he is entitled for National Health Insurance

Mrs Phet was assisted to the ambulance, which will take her to the provincial hospital

The financial costs of medical treatment and surgery may deter most patients from seeking health care. Through referrals from the district hospital and the National Health Insurance, patients have to pay 30000 kips at the district hospital, and they do not need to pay again at the provincial level.

The National Health Insurance scheme promotes equity to access, so that families do not need to fall into financial hardships when they seek medical treatment. The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Partnership is supported by the Luxembourg Government and WHO, to ensure that everyone everywhere can have access to essential quality health services when they need them.