The first “Lunchtime Brownbag Session” held in WHO Laos

WHO staff gathered during lunch in the main conference room for the first Brownbag Session organized by the Staff Association. The session was facilitated by the communication staff on capacity building for presentation tools, and it covered the use of Prezi and Google slides.

The management in WHO Laos sees the session as an opportunity for capacity building within the organization. There are plans to organize training on technical topics, skills-learning and knowledge management.

While the staff enjoyed a sandwich lunch, Kara, our UNV communication intern showed how two presentations, one using Microsoft PowerPoint and another using Prezi will look during presentation. Using the Benefit of Breastfeeding as an entry point, Kara covered the pros and cons of using Prezi and how to add text and images to develop a Prezi presentation.

Prezi had launched a new app, “Prezi Next” in April this year with new features, the new Prezi Next app is user-friendly and it requires less time to prepare a presentation. Users can simply choose a template and add their content, which is ideal for staff with busy schedules and who is required to do presentation regularly.

As an online tool, it allows collaborators to edit the presentation simultaneously from different locations. Like Facebook, you need to set up a login username and password, and the app will allow you to share your presentation with your fellow collaborators.

The main drawback is that you need to have internet access to work online, however the app also allow you to download the presentation to present offline. Google Slides was also mentioned briefly and it has similar features. It has templates which will automatically suggest layout, and it also allows fellow collaborators to edit the slides and make changes which can be viewed online.

This is a pleasant departure from sharing large Microsoft PowerPoint presentation files by emails and the main presenter have to compile and finalize the changes. These online apps are often used by other UN agencies and partners, so understanding how to access and work on Prezi presentation tools are useful for the staff. .

WHO staff gathered for the first lunch time brown bag session