Expanded programme on immunization

The Fourth Hands-on Training Workshop on the Laboratory Diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis (JE) in the Western Pacific Region

23-27 September 2013. A five-day hands-on training workshop on the laboratory diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis was held in Korea Centers for Disease Control (Korea CDC) in Osong, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea. Fourteen participants selected from twelve network laboratories from nine member states of the Western Pacific Region - Cambodia (n=2), China (n=2), Japan (n=1), Lao People's Democratic Republic (n=2), Malaysia (n=1), Papua New Guinea (n=1), Philippines (n=2), Republic of Korea (n=1), Vietnam (n=2)) were trained for JE ELISA techniques and laboratory quality assurance. One of the participants from China was from Guizhou provincial laboratory. Participants were taught the recommended procedures for testing serum and CSF using the PanBio JE-Dengue IgM Combo ELISA test as well as the InBios JE Detect MACELISA test which will replace the PanBio in the network in 2014. An algorithm for differentiating dengue cases from JE by also using the InBios Dengue MACELISA is currently being developed and will be in place when the PanBio assay is no longer available. Experts from United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) and the National Institute for Infectious Diseases (NIID), Japan as well as from WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific participated in this training as facilitators. All participants passed the end of course evaluation, many with high scores. The 2013 WHO JE proficiency panel samples prepared by US CDC were distributed to network laboratories for the external quality assurance and the results shall be reported within 14 days.

WHO on site Accreditation visit to VIDRL (Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratories) Australia for WHO regional reference laboratories (RRL) for polio and measles /rubella in collaboration with WHO HQ : October 1-4, 2013

  • Both WHO polio and measles/rubella RRLs in VIDRL fully accredited.
  • Discussion on VIDRL’s role in Hepatitis B control in the region as a WHO RRL for hepatitis B: Quality control of serosurvey samples from Philippines
  • Side visits to WHO RRLs on rotavirus and invasive bacterial vaccine preventable diseases to strengthen collaboration with WPRO

WHO on site accreditation visit to NIID (National Institute of Infectious Diseases), Japan for WHO global specialized laboratories (GSL) for polio, measles/rubella and Japanese encephalitis (JE) in collaboration with WHO HQ: October 7-9, 2013

  • Three WHO GSLs for polio, measles/rubella and JE in NIID accredited, some improvements needed by implementing WHO recommendations from this visit
  • Discussions on vaccination status in Japan and related laboratory activities with mumps, hepatitis B, rotavirus and bacteriology groups in NIID Japan