Expanded programme on immunization

Papua New Guinea to vaccinate 700,000 in second round of polio campaign

23 August 2018, Port Moresby - An estimated 700, 110 children under 5 years old will be vaccinated against polio in nine provinces of Papua New Guinea in August 2018. The National Department of Health (NDOH) is mobilizing 4,964 polio workers who will be deployed to 49 districts.

Immunizations save lives

August 3, 2018, Beijing - The World Health Organization urges Chinese citizens to continue to use quality-assured vaccines to prevent diseases in China. Immunization, while at the center of public debate in recent weeks, is one of the most effective, and cost-effective public health interventions in the world for preventing illness and death.

Mongolia shows the way on fighting hepatitis in the Western Pacific: test, treat

South China Morning Post

Tumursukh Chagnaa was diagnosed with hepatitis B in 2017, but the virus had already led to cirrhosis of the liver. The 69-year-old retiree from eastern Mongolia worried that her modest pension would not cover treatment costs, with the nearest facility hundreds of kilometres away.
She was relieved to discover that testing and treatment are covered by the health insurance system in Mongolia, now a world leader in combating a high hepatitis burden. “When I received treatment, I felt healthier, and my children were happier,” Chagnaa said.

Vaccines work!

Vaccines work!

Everyday, children around the world are threatened by potentially deadly diseases. You can protect them from disease by vaccinating! Vaccines protect our children and communities from disease.

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8 countriesin Western Pacific Region were verified for measles elimination and 2 were verified also for rubella elimination

Data source: Regional Verification Committee 2017 report


7 milliondeaths averted through Hepatitis B vaccination in the Western Pacific Region

Data source: Press release June 2017


18 yearsWestern Pacific Region remains polio free.

Data source: Regional Certification Committee Report 2017