Expanded programme on immunization

Cervical cancer prevention and control saves lives in the Republic of Korea

A girl, accompanied by her mother, receives counselling on HPV vaccination and prevention of cervical cancer in Seoul.
Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Talking about sexual and reproductive health can be difficult for many people. In the Republic of Korea, WHO recommendations are helping health authorities overcome such challenges as part of a nationwide effort to protect many girls and women from cervical cancer.

The Republic of Korea, backed by WHO guidance, has made cervical cancer prevention, through vaccination against the human papillomavirus (HPV), counselling, screening and treatment a health priority.

Vaccines work!

Vaccines work!

Everyday, children around the world are threatened by potentially deadly diseases. You can protect them from disease by vaccinating! Vaccines protect our children and communities from disease.

With a deadly disease is eliminated, childbirth is safer in the Philippines

Childbirth safe in the Philippines

29 January 2018 - Through the support from countless health workers and partners, the Philippines eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus — a disease that can be prevented through hygienic birth practices and immunization — in November 2017. WHO defines elimination as achieving an incidence rate of less than 1 case of tetanus per 1000 live births in every district in the country.

Let’s talk about it: improving immunization coverage in the Solomon Islands

29 June, 2017 - Baby Joy looks around the room with bright, curious eyes, closely watching the nurse as she pulls on her white latex gloves. Joy is 17 weeks old, and that means she is overdue to receive four different vaccinations, as per Solomon Islands’ routine immunization schedule. Unfortunately, many children are like Joy: they receive their vaccinations late. In fact, over 25% do not receive the full schedule at all

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8 countriesin Western Pacific Region were verified for measles elimination and 2 were verified also for rubella elimination

Data source: Regional Verification Committee 2017 report


7 milliondeaths averted through Hepatitis B vaccination in the Western Pacific Region

Data source: Press release June 2017


18 yearsWestern Pacific Region remains polio free.

Data source: Regional Certification Committee Report 2017