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Measles Elimination Field Guide

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Number of pages: 70
Publication date: 2013
ISBN: 978-92-9061-605-4



Responding to the four main challenges for measles elimination

In September 2012, at its sixty-third session, the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Committee for the Western Pacific adopted a resolution urging Member States to effectively address the four main challenges for measles elimination in the Western Pacific Region (WPR/RC63.R5, Annex 2). This field guide aims to provide practical strategies and innovative approaches in order to implement the Regional Committee resolution.

  • Interrupting and preventing measles virus transmission
    To interrupt all endemic measles virus transmission, and prevent future transmission, by closing immunity gaps with measles vaccine, especially among all underserved and marginalized communities.
  • Outbreak preparedness and response
    To enhance capacity for preparedness, rapid detection and response to measles outbreaks whether caused by an endemic or imported virus, to prevent the spread and re-establishment of measles virus transmission.
  • Ensuring highly sensitive surveillance
    To improve the sensitivity and performance of epidemiological surveillance and laboratory capacity to track changes in measles epidemiology, identify sources of infection, and provide evidence consistent with the absence of endemic transmission.
  • Preparing for verification of measles elimination
    To establish national verification committees which will develop regular progress reports for submission to the Regional Verification Commission. Further guidance on verification of measles elimination is provided in a separate document.